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Dear politicians/political influencers:

When you tweet about my father’s birthday, remember that he was resolute about eradicating racism, poverty & militarism.

Encourage & enact policies that reflect your birthday sentiments.

Here’s the authentic :

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2021 plot twist?

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Colombia's 'cocaine hippos' must be stopped, scientists warn trib.al/QFSiCX2

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When they ran from the cops and began speeding in the opposite direction I was praying for my life. Glad I'm out of that mess.

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For some reason there are a lot of dirt bikes and mopeds on the bay bridge zooming back and forth in the stand-still traffic, including speeding the opposite direction between cars. It's pretty scary. Not sure what is going on.


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JUST IN: A new coronavirus variant has been found in the and linked to several outbreaks in the South Bay.

The 452R variant is different than the B.1.1.7 variant first detected in the United Kingdom.

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can't wait for that tiktok guy to turn this into a song

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I will never delete Facebook 😭🤣

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Sadly it appears I was not wrong. 🙁
Multiple People Shot Outside Grocery Store (Downtown, San Francisco) 📲 Live on @CitizenAppSFO@twitter.com go.citizen.com/HqSVO6Ac7cb

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You can go more levels for even more screen.

Show on big screen.
On lap medium screen.
In hand little screen.
On wrist tiny screen.

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if screens bad why watching big screen while holding little screen feel so good

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just heard what sounded like gunfire downtown… didn't sound like fireworks. and now hearing a bunch of sirens. hope everything is ok and I'm wrong.

When you are bringing a bunch of stuff over to the new place and load up the car and THEN the Lyft driver decides to kick you out and cancel because he doesn't wanna go to east bay. 😡

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People comparing minimum wage jobs to virtually any other job are doing exactly what rich people in power want:

Fighting each other for our scraps rather than them for their hoards.

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I pre-ordered this @darkcrystal@twitter.com Deet figurine from Weta Workshop ages ago but it was delayed due to the pandemic. She finally made it to me from New Zealand and I am so happy with it. The craft and details are lovely. The wings are incredible. The photos do not do justice.

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