Or for having it on. I dunno. Something about some high beams.

Dang. My @lyft@twitter.com my driver got pulled over for not having high beams on or something like that. We’ve been sitting here for a while. Nice welcome to Dallas! 😣

There are too many people coughing on this plane 😷

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Always great so see the amazing and talented @jina@twitter.com sharing her wisdom.

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Thanks @beckyBUCK__@twitter.com for sending me these photos from the design systems discussion this morning at @Epicurrence@twitter.com!

OMG do not spoil ! I don't get to see it until Monday.

Just realized I left my iPhone charger cable and plug at my hotel room I checked out of earlier today. 😭

Nevermind. I guess someone abandoned their order. I kept refreshing and it finally let me order. :) Persistance pays off!

So sad. I wanted so badly to go to @GoogleIO201X@twitter.com. Had the opportunity to buy through @WomenTechmakers@twitter.com. Then my data dropped in the middle of purchasing. Now that data is back it's sold out. I was so close. 😭

Enjoyed talking about design systems, diversity/inclusion, and more with @danmall@twitter.com @mikeindustries@twitter.com & the @Epicurrence@twitter.com audience this morning. Thanks for letting me be vulnerable. Thanks @DannPetty@twitter.com for the invitation. Sad I can't stick around longer. But I enjoyed this morning!

I forgot how much elevation in Breckenridge affects people. Whoo, I’m lightheaded. For reference, SF elevation is 52β€². Breckenridge elevation is 9,600β€²

alright @Epicurrence@twitter.com folks. I'm at my room now. Anyone out and about? 😁 @danmall@twitter.com @DannPetty@twitter.com @smarty@twitter.com

See, if a Lyft is gonna play White Wedding, then you know I'm gonna belt out the lyrics.

Sorry not sorry.

Driver just said I sound good. Haha.

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Ok I don’t care if I’m stupid lol this is fucking funny to me.

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