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HBO didn't submit Gwendoline Christie for an Emmy so she submitted herself and got a nomination.

Be your own biggest cheerleader.

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We've partnered with @jointfutures@twitter.com to offer six workshops with @jina@twitter.com, @bettay@twitter.com, @daveixd@twitter.com, @FreyJacqui@twitter.com, @nathanshedroff@twitter.com, @ptquattlebaum@twitter.com. Learn more & secure your tickets: rfld.me/2XsecIB

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Finally. Two of my favs have arrived to save this movie. Hopefully.

Colin Farrell. However his name is spelled.

Collin Ferrel really should not try southern accents again.

Wow. The new Tim Burton Dumbo movie is already on planes. I feel like it just came out.

@delta@twitter.com would you consider this? A setting to indicate how to be addressed? I prefer my first name 100x over being called by my last name I want to distance myself from. Pretty please? 😀

One time I told a flight attendant, “Oh just call me ‘Jina’”. He looked at me so weird.

How do we get airlines to accept preferred names? I understand if tickets have to be booked how they're booked. But when it comes to how you're addressed on board?

I hate being called my legal last name. I haven't had time to get it legally changed yet.

Also, I'm not a Mrs.

OMG this gave me so much anxiety

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how to navigate a legacy codebase

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Aww yeah I'm in line for da club!

(I got here too early). 😣

Independent work life 2019 has been:

“Welcome back!”
“Thanks. But I fly back out tomorrow”
“You just got back!”

Was good, home for 2 nights.

Now heading to Toronto for @GoogleDevExpert@twitter.com North America Summit. Giving a 5min lightning talk about design systems & creativity!

The troll side of me want to comment on anyone who posts a new selfie of themselves with: “oh is that with the new old filter?”

But I won't. 😈

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We want your dream job to find you! Are you looking for a job as a Product Designer, Manager, Content Strategist, UX Researcher, or a Product Manager? Fill out this form and we'll advertise you for free! cascadesf.com/designers-lookin

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The next Sharknado: meth gators

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Flushing drugs could create ‘meth-gators’, US police warn


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Next time I will be in Europe will be for @jointfutures@twitter.com in Helsinki in September. Join me? Here is a discount code! jina@jf2019!2n34

And today ends my European adventure in England, France, & Spain. Belgium, too, if you count that trip the week before as part of this one (though I flew home & back briefly).

Thanks everyone who was part of my adventure. I had a lovely time!

Mr Business Guy enters sky priority with business class queue and the airline staff smile at him and nod.

I enter, and I'm immediately stopped and checked if I'm in the right place.

Another Mr Business entering the queue behind me is also smiled at with a nod.


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ScarJo: “If I keep digging this hole deeper, I’ll eventually end up in China, among my fellow Chinese”

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