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If you will be at this week and want to learn more about the intersection of , code, , and delivering coolness (😎) at an enterprise-scale, the Lightning Design System (aka SLDS) team has some great talks that are pure 🔥 and/or 🦄!

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If you’re curious about the “these hand emoji memes aren’t accessible” thing but haven’t used screenreaders before: here you go!

(turn on audio; this is VoiceOver at 70% max speed, the fastest I can personally reliably understand. At 100% speed it still takes > 2 minutes.)

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I, a straight male, called another man beautiful today and ppl wanted to call me gay and this is what I had to say on that matter.

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Alright I'm calling it. I flew from London today and I'm hella exhausted. Enjoy this afterparty folks. I'm sure it will be fun. But I'm still jetlagged so I'm OUT!

When you want to go home and sleep but the event you are at has an after-party and you don't want fomo. 😬

Yesterday I emceed a conference. Today I flew from London to San Francisco. And now I am somehow getting my jetlagged butt to the @charitywater@twitter.com annual charity: ball. Let's see how long I can last! 😀

This is why I offer picking my brain as a service. Pay me; pick my brain all you want. 😜

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As a freelancer, “can I pick your brains?” is pretty annoying because having your brains picked reduces your time to actually bill people for work.

See also: “we can jump on a call to talk about the project” - Nah mate.

This industry has a weird thing about free advice/work.

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I think I need to make design systems bingo a thing at the next Clarity. What do you think?

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Design Tokens. CSS. A11Y. Scale. DX.
Atomic Design. React. Ops. Buy In. JS.
Nathan Curtis. Sass. ⭐. Lego. Perf.
Governance. Roadmap. SSOT. Spec. UI.
Ownership. Icons. Cards. RWD. CTA.

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Non-black people sure do love throwing MLK's name around to argue about diversity and inclusion without knowing what they are even talking about.

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