I've tried raising $ through community, but it's not enough to upgrade the @_designsystems@twitter.com slack to keep message history. I’d rather not move everyone to a new platform. Would a company be willing to be a unobtrusive partner? There are 11.2k members currently. Email me if so.

For those asking. Here is the cost of a standard plan based on who is active right now. Price can change if folks become less active or more active. Apparently only 527 are active at this very moment.

And this is the cost if we want plus instead of standard. We probably don't need that?


The interesting thing is the annual payment is always 10% of the monthly pricing x12 no matter what. It makes me wonder if they price per user based on annual and adjust for monthly or if they price on monthly and adjust for annual? Pricing is such an interesting world to me.

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