As I eat this bulgolgi-stuffed Korean taco, I remembered this couple I knew when I was a kid and lived in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Dean was white and Hui was Korean. They lived in a town a bit further out than the Jacksonville/Little Rock area. They opened a catfish restaurant.

^ Hui wanted to also include some Korean-fusion items to the menu.

They said people would stop by for catfish. But nobody would order any dishes that had Korean-sounding names or ingredients. They said people would assume it was all going to be too-spicy (for them) dog meat. 🙄

^ One day, Hui decided to offer a burger that was made with bulgolgi instead of beef patties. But they called it Aunt Hui's special burger (and they did not list the special ingredient).

People LOVED it. It would sell out daily!

^ I still smile to myself when I remember this story. People are so quick to fear what they don't know and it might end up being the best thing they ever tasted.

BTW this bulgolgi taco is delicious.

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