Thanks to Bitmoji I now know how I would look with a beard.

After 2 weeks in NYC I am ready to go home. But my flight keeps getting delayed.

About to drink the most expensive cocktail I've ever purchased to celebrate .

Reserve: $50: Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr, Cocchi do Torino, Curaçao, Nonino, Fernet, honey

I highly recommend the Hotel Eventi in Chelsea. The restaurant makes its own limoncello & everything I've eaten has been incredible. Their other bar, The Vine, is great, too. Staff is nice. Rooms are nice. Great for events, too.

Well this was fun to see in my inbox. 😍Thanks! 💜💜💜


RT on why Design Systems don’t stifle creativity


RT She does! Thank you! The most engaging conference I’ve been to in the past 3 years. Now time to digest and supercharge our design system at :)


RT Here’s a definition I wrote about a year or so ago about what I felt a design system was.

It could be regular-schmegular’d some more + it’s very jargon-heavy.



RT Had such a blast at this week! Great workshop with on monday. Two days of fantastic talks, so many great insights to process. Loved meeting all of you awesome design system nerds! Thanks for all your hard work on , you rock! 🍻

🐦🔗: does an AMAZING Gwen Stefani!

Wow is a karaoke superstar!

Haha the workshops that are at Hotel Eventi tomorrow are showing up on Google Maps as a music event at the hotel. Is and gonna sing about design systems? 🤣

RT You can now add alt text to your photos on A great accessibility touch point that will get seen by a ton of users.


Today was a day for swag(ger). What a day. I'm pooped.

Overhead: "we are all f***ing human. You. Me. Steve Jobs. Elon Musk. But. People starve. Why? We are all human."

Same guy 2mins later: "If you have a drug addict ion, f*** you. You messed up."

And now he's talking about being plugged into the matrix.

this judge for president
RT Bravo to this Judge who threw a drunk driver’s mom in jail for laughing at victim’s family in court


photo update from my friend back home watching Zali

When your hotel has a free wine happy hour but you're still hustling for I'm using one of their lobby shelves as a stand up desk. (No seats were available). 🍷

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