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“Design systems need shared ownership, where a team dictates how the system must be used.” - @jina@twitter.com, Design Systems Advocate and @Clarity_Conf@twitter.com founder

Discover more insights on how design systems can be effectively maintained invs.io/2rBvnc4

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This man is in a seat that becomes a lie-flat bed. But sure let's put your feet all up on the wall like this instead. 🙃

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Scissors, lighters, and knives — this Christmas tree was created from items confiscated by airport security 🎄

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According to my @ihgrewardsclub@twitter.com account activity, I just hit @Kimpton@twitter.com Inner Circle again; also now I am also @ihg@twitter.com Royal Ambassador. I didn't even know that was a thing. Along with Spire Elite, that's a lot of statuses for 1 family of hotels. Looking forward to traveling 2020! 😀

When you meet up with your friend and he has a @clarity_conf@twitter.com beanie on. 😀 Thanks @adekunleoduye@twitter.com! Always good to see you!

Only @MinaMarkham@twitter.com knows the context.

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Your gender is the last image you have saved on your phone

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Excited to see Beetlejuice on Broadway in NYC tomorrow night!

I think I'm gonna watch my favorite Christmas movie tonight.


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@MinaMarkham@twitter.com @jina@twitter.com Mina and Jina make Twitter a better place. I love this friendship. These are my for the new year.

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I didn't even need another one of these plushy Dashes because I already have one at home, but I just wanted to see if I could win one out of the claw machine and I did. 🤪

Ooh, I like this illustration they did of me!

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Design Systems Advocate and @Clarity_Conf@twitter.com founder, @jina@twitter.com, spoke to us about the importance of design and engineering sharing the ownership of the design system together. Read her insights on 👇 invs.io/2YOuPfj

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Thanks for having me on the live stream for !

Photos from @katieannquinn@twitter.com and @dilum_de@twitter.com.

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