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About to share some great content on at @jina@twitter.com’s @clarity_conf@twitter.com!

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I was hoping to drop into the workshops for a bit today but ended up working non-stop. I'm sure they’ve been fantastic!

Getting ready to get workshop folks registered. That's a good 100 folks that won't have to wait in the line tomorrow! Everyone else: check your emails, and go to early registration tonight at @Microsoft@twitter.com! PLEASE! 🙏🏼

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Heading to SF for @clarity_conf@twitter.com - I’ve been every year and it feels like going to a big design systems school reunion 🤗 Excited to catch up with friends and make new ones!

I’ll be there with @_aguillaume@twitter.com & @colebemis@twitter.com from the @githubprimer@twitter.com team, come say hi!

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My 18 year old son is missing. He has autism and is vulnerable. If you see him or know where he is please let me know. I am sick with worry.

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Who’s excited for the best design system conference in the planet! See you all next week! Don’t forget to say 👋🏻 @clarity_conf@twitter.com @jina@twitter.com

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Who’s exited for the best design system conference in the planet!
Looking forward to seeing y’all! @clarity_conf@twitter.com @jina@twitter.com

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Me and @Jina@twitter.com went to a food and tequila pairing with @Clase_Azul@twitter.com’s brand ambassador last night. It was good. Very very good.

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I haven’t had a birthday cake in years. So I was surprised at the Clase Azul dinner when the dessert course came with a birthday candle and song. 😊

I accidentally ordered the wrong size for stickers. These things are massive! Haha oops. Hope y'all got room on your laptops for these big boys. (Money added for scale).

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Heads up to those traveling to San Francisco! We are not having our usual “Fogust” this week. While August is usually cold and foggy, this week has been pretty sunny and very hot (by SF standards). Pack light clothes! But do still bring a sweater or jacket for cooler evenings.

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^ one more! 2 other years used repeats so won't post those. How lovely are these!

A while back I added Michele Carragher as a friend on Facebook. She did the costume embroidery for @GameOfThrones@twitter.com. I was delighted she accepted my request. Every year on my birthday, she sends an image of her embroidery as a digital card. So lovely she does this for her fans!

When you modify a recipe and the chef comes out to deliver it and tells you "you created a masterpiece".

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Hilton Honors members, you can earn up to 3 Points for every $1* spent on @lyft@twitter.com rides. Link your accounts and ride your way to your next free stay! hiltonhonorslyft.com/

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