St. Vicious aka dj set by St. Vincent. Big Bang Party After Dark

Yay. & me at the annual Big Bang Party After Dark -

Ha. brought tissue. My picture is blurry but it says "we're in the end game now" and "whatever it takes".

It's go time.

The future is female adaptors required to plug a microphone into your laptop.

Just did another walk-through of the theatre for space planning and OMG, I am so hyped.


Meet your workshop leaders:,,,,,

Gain sufficient knowledge on subjects like Design Systems, Customer Experience, Business & Design, and Design Operations

Learn more & secure your tickets:



"Instead of pushing each other, can we catch each other" -


Nostalgia is poison… but f*ck technofetishism.

“Designing futures is always political”

At the event, Design is [Protopian] with Monica Bielskyte.

Had lunch earlier with & at the HQ. More design systems lady time!

Great patio view, the “Gapeteria”, and the art gallery on the top floor was all very fun. That’s a Picasso!

RT wow


When you need to do laundry and you can’t find matching socks. sock on left foot. on right foot. (Also just had a meeting at the office). 😂

Trade my username I've had for 9 years for ~ one month's rent + utilities? I think not.

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