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in the β€œsun goes down” video i go back in time to visit a younger version self who’s struggling inside, hating himself, & doesn’t want to live anymore. i try my best to uplift him. can’t wait to share this song and video with you guys on friday. this one is really special to me.

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Nature is healing

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Coronavirus restrictions are being eased way too quickly

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Lyft prompted me to upgrade to a Lux to save time so I went ahead and said Yes. It's a Lexus.

This is the first time I've seen a rear view mirror that is a video!

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presenting... the best loading spinner i've ever seen

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My favorite restaurant finally opened tonight after over a year or so and I got to go again. It made me really happy. @TheCavalierSF@twitter.com

Here is some toad butt

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Frog buttcheeks have sent me spiraling

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to our our first-ever Clarity with this epic photo from @sleepingplanes@twitter.com ✨ It’s hard to believe it’s been more than five years since this was taken! Come experience the magic for yourself with us this October!

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Nine lives for a cat that jumped from fire at 65th and Lowe. Cat hit grass bounced and walked away!

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I think some Memphis BBQ folks would like to have a chat.

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100% of Texans disagree

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Yo Someone @wingstop@twitter.com is about to get fired or promoted for this πŸ—πŸ€£

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Christian anti-vaxxers are just a new form of snake handlers.

Also, whatever happened to Love Thy Neighbor?

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god fucking dammit

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Awesome set for the show tonight. @omgheyrose@twitter.com’s set was my fav. So glad she got to sing.

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