On the @DSWednesday@twitter.com call! Thanks for organizing!

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1989's Batman wore an Air Jordan VI and Nike Air Trainer III version of the Batman Boot. Same creators of the Nike Man Swoosh super hero costume.

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living above commercial real estate can be interesting at times.

people look around them to see if anyone is watching them make their non social-distancing drug deals by the BART station, and with all the businesses closed, they assume no one sees.

but no one ever looks up. 🀣

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It’s a weird time but we’re getting through it

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Senator Kamala Harris talks about the coronavirus pandemic and the type of leadership needed at this time.

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Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with some inspired lyrics!

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When the is over, I want to buy this man dinner. Who is he? This might be the best thing I've seen in weeks.

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is receiving info about subjects going door to door claiming to be employees of the Centers for Disease Control or the Department of Public Health. These subjects are apparently asking for entry into residences to conduct inspections or searches.

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lol. pre-corona, i don't think i'd be watching RuPaul’s drag race with my guy friend but here we are. 🀣

finally getting around to trying this new ginger yuzu flavor and it's delicious!

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Hello world, meet Ginger Yuzu! A staple ingredient in ginger beer, the Moscow Mule, and the Penicillin, we turned to ginger to create a spicy, bold and fragrant apΓ©ritif with a modern twist. β†’ drinkha.us/GingerYuzu

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they're hanging out right by the escalator so anyone coming up will be in less than 6 ft distance from them…

tempted to pull a bbq becky πŸ€”

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