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If you are eligible for the vaccine, PLEASE go get the vaccine. It may seem counterintuitive but waiting for more “deserving” people is the opposite of what public health officials and ethicists say you should do.

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In the US, nearly one in 100 people have OCD, with about half of those cases being severe. In Canada, 1 percent will experience an episode. And @nerdygirly@twitter.com is one of them. But, in media portrayals, the disorder often seems like a benign quirk. thewalrus.ca/ocd-is-not-a-joke 1/5

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Our cases are trending down, our test positivity rate is down to just 1.3%, and one in five San Franciscans has now received a vaccine!

We're making good progress and the end is finally in sight. Let's keep it up and get through these final months safely together.

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We're waiving permit fees for outdoor heaters in Shared Spaces until June 30, 2021 in order to make it easier for our small businesses to operate.

To get a permit and set up your site safely, visit sf-fire.org/

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If anyone wants to just talk about their favorite Asian snacks instead of an awards ceremony, I'm here for that.

This is my childhood favorite:

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I knew Delta had announced extending status during pandemic, but I didn't expect to receive brand new materials for my extended status. It was a pleasure to receive. Velvety smooth paper stock and thick metal luggage tags. Glad I'm still 360 despite not being able to go anywhere.

A lot of people seem to be upset about Twitter offering ways for creators to monetize. Why? It makes sense. Some creators like myself have almost the entirety of our networks here and have struggled to make other platforms like Patreon work. I welcome it, and I plan to use it.

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The Naked Man Orchid (Orchis Italica) was believed to be a trap that captured and killed fairies!

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I've written about & championed @50BestBars@twitter.com bar Pacific Cocktail Haven/PCH since it opened and owner @therealdiedrich@twitter.com for over a decade, one of the world's best & bar teams.

Sad about their devastating fire Monday. A @gofundme@twitter.com to help rebuild:

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oh my goodness. the storytelling. the writing. the way they’ve built this up. this show is art.

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Disney, you have way too much money to be messing up this much.

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