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ok so i got some constructive criticism from my first attempt at drawing birds. many people said the legs weren’t realistic enough, i think i finally got it though, lemme know what you think

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the Michelin Star is what you get if the Michelin man comes to your restaurant and you defeat him

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My top songs list for 2020 from Spotify is basically just a reorganized version of my @Clarity_conf@twitter.com playlist.

I listen to it a lot.

No more ignoring?

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We Need To Talk About Gen X

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~18 years officially working.

Closer to ~24 years if you add the years I was learning/practicing/tinkering.

16 of those years in design systems!
13 of those years living in the SF/Silicon Valley area.

I'm still around. Despite the things I've seen/endured.

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congrats to all the young people but can we also give a massive shout-out to the older women in tech who have survived all the bullshit and are STILL AROUND it’s like hunger games survival skills to still be here after 10, 20, 30+ years

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Can y'all please chill until the pandemic is over? I would like to have a conference in this city one day. Y'all are making this difficult.


Salesforce cares a lot about their developer community…

…so I hope this means one day Slack will actually cater to communities as a customer, and not just companies.

One can hope.

Salesforce was one of the best companies I ever worked at. Easy to neg an acquisition but I think Slack will be in good hands.

when I was a kid, my family watched this guy all the time. we even went to his retreats and conventions.

so him being in the news recently about his covid rants amuses me to no end.


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Metal Kenneth Copeland.

The internet is undefeated...

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hopefully the slack acquisition will be like heroku or quip where salesforce lets them still continue to be themselves… but they just got some added integrations and support. salesforce even let those companies keep separate brands, years later.

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