Spotify says my artist of the decade is Makes sense.

Everyone is dunking on Peloton right now. But I actually kind of want one?

art basel is like sxsw for art. which is a lot of fun. but after a few days I'm like… i'm done. just a couple more days…

I keep thinking about how good the sushi was at versace's mansion last night. I already want to go back


i have been laughing at this since yesterday. please turn your volume up 😂


This band's electronic equipment next to the pool with a bunch of naked suspended Barbies on a net to the right.

More bananas taped to the wall because why not. They're all the rage now.

This motel that has turned into a big art gallery for the weekend

This Pomeranian dyed peach with glittery bow tie gems on his eyebrows.

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