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We're incredibly proud to sponsor the Design Systems @SlackHQ@twitter.com workspace. It's such an incredible resource for the community. If you're not in there, join! design.systems/slack/

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😊 @jina@twitter.com giving a shout-out to @materialdesign@twitter.com for being the first Design System to sponsor @clarity_conf@twitter.com πŸŽ‰

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About to share some great content on at @jina@twitter.com’s @clarity_conf@twitter.com!

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So stoked and proud to announce that the @_designsystems@twitter.com Slack is now sponsored by @superfriendlyco@twitter.com! Chat logs for everyone!!! Just announced it at @clarity_conf@twitter.com. @brad_frost@twitter.com is now up welcoming the crowd. Yay day 1! LET'S GOOOOOOO!

I was hoping to drop into the workshops for a bit today but ended up working non-stop. I'm sure they’ve been fantastic!

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Lanyard-as-photo-opt-in has been a thing since the original Clarity conference and I wish more orgs did this.

Also, if you think design systems are rad, this is the raddest conference. twitter.com/jina/status/116351

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Getting ready to get workshop folks registered. That's a good 100 folks that won't have to wait in the line tomorrow! Everyone else: check your emails, and go to early registration tonight at @Microsoft@twitter.com! PLEASE! πŸ™πŸΌ

Hi folks. I LOVE that you’re coming to town for @clarity_conf@twitter.com. But a lot of you are asking to meet up at what may be the worst possible time for me. I am SWAMPED. If I see you and seem like I can’t talk, or decline your invite to grab coffee, please bear with me. πŸ˜ƒ

Just spotted @vlh@twitter.com walking by at @adobe@twitter.com but didn't get a chance to say hi. Busy getting @clarity_conf@twitter.com workshops ready to go! πŸ™ƒ

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I made an app! Glide is pretty neat! Hope this is helpful. (Can't get the custom domain working for some reason. But at least you can access it at this URL for now). 😁


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ANYONE ON MY @CLARITY_CONF@twitter.com WORKSHOP TOMORROW, I’ve had an idea. It’s super-short notice, so I apologise, but if you can, ask your client/boss/whoever for the login details for your Google Analytics account. Not mandatory, of course, but I want to try a little something-something.

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There is only 1 spot left for @csswizardry@twitter.com’s workshop. Learn about front-end performance!

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Very grateful for the kind generosity of design systems community members. I have a very exciting update I will share at @clarity_conf@twitter.com Tuesday morning and then will share here. Stay tuned!

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Heading to SF for @clarity_conf@twitter.com - I’ve been every year and it feels like going to a big design systems school reunion πŸ€— Excited to catch up with friends and make new ones!

I’ll be there with @_aguillaume@twitter.com & @colebemis@twitter.com from the @githubprimer@twitter.com team, come say hi!

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Looking for places to go in San Francisco? Here are some recommendations! clarityconf.com/san-francisco

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My 18 year old son is missing. He has autism and is vulnerable. If you see him or know where he is please let me know. I am sick with worry.

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It's @clarity_conf@twitter.com week! 😁

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