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i hate when nonbinary people are referred to as “gender-neutral”. i am gender-chaotic and you will respect that

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I am spending my day today in Berkeley at a witchy wellness retreat with herbs and alchemy and meditation and teas and just good feminine energy and it's gonna be an amazing day.

Also: I'll just put it out there. You can totally never come back to Clarity. You think it's ok to email this negative racist B.S.? It's not. Don't come back.

You felt uncomfortable?


If you have an issue, look inside yourself. Don't email me because I will never back down on giving platforms to voices who deserve it. Look at yourself and why you're so bothered.

You don't like I had "diversity" instead if whatever it was you wanted? Tough. Don't come back.

Bros giving me "feedback" on the speakers I curated. You come or you don't. I will never back down from my curation. You don't like it? Don't come. That simple.

So frustrated with boarding a flight and people see my goth clothes and piercings and act like I'm gonna give them goth disease.

Goth is not contagious. You don't have to recoil.

They stare like I'm gonna eat their children when in reality I am the giggliest happy goth ever.

Something I literally just typed: “Pikachu is basically a porg on acid”

BTW - When I said where do I go? I meant ME. Not clarity. Where do I take my career next? 😜

Y'all. Pardon my humble brag.

But I'm floored. I've organized three design conferences now, all of which have trended, and had hundreds of folks flying from all over the world to attend.

That blows my mind.

Where do I go next? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thanks to Bitmoji I now know how I would look with a beard.

After 2 weeks in NYC I am ready to go home. But my flight keeps getting delayed.

When you're holding a box full of @clarity_conf@twitter.com branded pencils and TSA is like… what are these. "Pencils. Not sharp. All blunt." & Dude is like "why?"

They're branded. With my company. I wanna keep them."

& They look at me like a weirdo haha.

The @MACcosmetics@twitter.com kiosk at JFK is BUMPING

At JFK. Woman sees me w/ suitcase&boxes.

Me: “Can you point me to the restroom?”

Her: “ummm… are you a passenger?”

I look at my suitcase; boxes; then her.

“um yeah. Does that matter? I gotta piss.”

She looks at me distastefully. I glare at her harder. She points the way. 🙄

About to drink the most expensive cocktail I've ever purchased to celebrate .

Reserve: $50: Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr, Cocchi do Torino, Curaçao, Nonino, Fernet, honey

I highly recommend the @Kimpton@twitter.com Hotel Eventi in Chelsea. The @lamiconyc@twitter.com restaurant makes its own limoncello & everything I've eaten has been incredible. Their other bar, The Vine, is great, too. Staff is nice. Rooms are nice. Great for events, too.


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