I'm leading the content committee for @aigasf’s blog and social media accounts. If you have any ideas for content you want to be considered, email me at any time. :) Also if you want to be considered for being a part of my volunteer team, let me know. sushiandrobots.com/contact

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Get ready. Next batch of Early Bird tickets release Monday, February 25th at 9am PST. Only 50 will be available in this round at this price.

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Wondering where animation fits in your design system?
I wrote about the how and why to represent animation in you design system on @smashingmag@twitter.com: smashingmagazine.com/2019/02/a

Please don't private message someone on Slack with just a "hi" and then wait for a response. Just come out with your question.

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[in this tweet Fozzy Bear is the lead singer of Disturbed]

Fozzy Bear: Ooooooo WAKKA WAKKA

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Oh no you let out the secret! 🙃🤣😜

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The secret to connecting designers and developers? Spoiler alert: It has to do with 🚀 invs.io/2V8TuIn

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Just updated epicurrence.com to feature some of the guests!

Chat with:

🎤 @Draplin@twitter.com
🎤 @InTheGoodHood@twitter.com
🎤 @amyhoodlum@twitter.com
🎤 @danmall@twitter.com
🎤 @jina@twitter.com
🎤 @burtonsnowboard@twitter.com
🎤 @design@twitter.com

Workshops by:

💻 @Draplin@twitter.com (2 days)
💻 @hoodzpahdesign@twitter.com

See you there! March 21 + 22 in CO!

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Finally getting around to posting my @edwardianball@twitter.com 2019 photos. Here is night 1: Edwardian World’s Faire

This is totally a long shot, I know: Does anyone in SF have office event space large enough to host a conference after party for over 600 people? 🙃

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Did you know we have @materialdesign@twitter.com tools to help you with Material Theming?

Customize and visualize shape schemes using our components material.io/design/shape/about

Generate both usable and aesthetically pleasing tonal palettes for any color input material.io/design/color/the-c

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I saw the Jessica Jones cancellation coming, but I'm still not happy about it.

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