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i never in my life thought i’d see michelle obama hit harry styles in the dick with a dodgeball but hey god works in mysterious ways

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Tupac and Jada Pinkett at high school in Baltimore Maryland, 1980s.

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Marvel Studios really wants Keanu Reeves in the MCU says Kevin Feige β€” 'We talk to him for almost every film we make'

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Thoughts on drinking in Kortrijk:

- most bars are only open Thurs - Sat.
- bars that are open sun-wed usually close 9pm-10pm
- the few you have to wander far to find open late are surrounded by young folks
- I have to remind myself 16 is legal drinking age.
- drink the local gin


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Put your hands together for No.59 - it’s Burnt Ends in !

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My birthstone

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How it feels watching people who’s birthstone is periodt read it as peridot

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When you spot a *really good* tweet but you accidentally tapped the top of your phone screen and the entire feed resets and scrolls to the top.

Hi @Honda@twitter.com. Love the name of your car. My design conference is also called Clarity. Wanna be a sponsor? 😜

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The 47 mile all-electric range rating of the 2019 Plug-In Hybrid means you could go out for a day and come home without using a single drop of gas. The 340 mile total range rating means you’ll have plenty if you need it, though. The Clarity is on sale now.

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I agree I was creeped TF out when I read this. But I'm not mad at InVision for it. It's a dude’s portfolio profile. I’m creeped out by dude.

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Did anyone at Invision *read* the Studio case study??? Did any woman read it? Why are we talking this way about our work?

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New phrase: β€˜splain train

Definition: when you find yourself in amongst a load of other handles in a reply thread, dominated by dudes and their opinions

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We've partnered with @jointfutures@twitter.com to offer six workshops with @jina@twitter.com, @bettay@twitter.com, @daveixd@twitter.com, @FreyJacqui@twitter.com, @nathanshedroff@twitter.com, @ptquattlebaum@twitter.com. Learn more & secure your tickets: rfld.me/2Ev6X7c

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Anyone in Kortrijk want to get dinner tonight?

Had a great time touring @barco@twitter.com and presenting to the design team about design systems. Great Q&A session as well. Lovely office. Impressive visualization tech!

Ok I am determined to get my jetlag fixed and sleep, but Twitter gets so active right now. Is this how Europeans always feel going to bed?

Airplane mode status: on.

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