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What the hell are these me on Twitter vs me on FB vs me on this Instagram ads at Bart? They don't even make sense.

Guy: last call. You are the last drink. (To others) sorry everyone she is the last one. (Back to me) what you need?
Me: um. Whisky soda. Make it a double? (Thinking 1 drink with a double pour of whisky)
Him: (hands me 2 drinks instead of 1 but both heavy pours).
Me: I'll take it!

Childish Gambino. Shirtless when it's super cold and misty outside. Stay healthy! πŸ™‚

Is it ok for a white DJ to play a song with the N word used multiple times if they aren't saying it? Something him playing this song doesn't sit right with me. Maybe because the screens are focusing on a white guy djing the whole time during that verse. Am I overthinking this?

It's crowded for Flume. I can only imagine how much more it will be for Childish Gambino afterwards. I'm gonna stay up here.

Also is out in full force again.

Alina Baraz. She's on the playlist btw. 😊

I almost forgot to post my annual birthday campaign. Please help raise money for clean water. 100% goes to water projects. Recommended minimum donation: $36 (how old I'll be in my international age*).

* Korean age is different!

Attendee numbers for
β€’ 2016 ~ 300
β€’ 2017 ~ 400
β€’ 2018 ~ 500
β€’ 2019 ~ 640 & counting

Blows my mind.



Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren cross paths and hug in Iowa. πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ


So my birthday is August 15th. But I no time to plan anything because is a few days afterward.

Confession: I see the conference as one huge Design Systems-themed birthday party for myself and hundreds of people will be there. πŸ˜‚


Love CSS? Then head to this years where you can learn from these super-talented speakers,,, Sign up before 15th August 2019 and save Β£50 at More speakers to come. ,



Why can’t this guy be the witness for everything


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