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Ahhhhh. The bliss of Twitter Notifications being down.


Asana and are working together to make meetings better! Soon you'll be able to:
✅Use Asana during Zoom meetings to capture action items in one screen
✅Get a video & transcript of your meetings attached directly to Asana tasks
Learn more:



HANGOUTS is now CHAT. CHAT part of GMAIL. GMAIL is NOT part of CHAT. HANGOUTS is no longer part of ANYTHING.

Hope this helps.


Used to being independent for 2yrs brain:
It's only 22:21. Why not start binging a series on Netflix?

Remembering I'm now employed brain:
Jina no. Go to bed.


So we really used to just go around breathing on everything huh


RT just called segregation “the good old days.” The good old days for who, Senator?

It’s 2020, not 1920. Act like it.


Y'all, I'm not asking for suggestions for other tools! I'm just wishful thinking for the tools that are already in place and decided upon. 🙃

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Mural should add Zoom integration so that when I'm called on, I don't have to swap over to unmute myself but can do it from within Mural.

Or Zoom can add Mural integration so we can collaborate within Zoom.

But the former sounds simpler.

I know about google voice and about multiple devices ringing.

What I mean is I want this to be normalized across platforms and across carriers.

It's just wishful thinking. Not looking for workarounds! 🙃

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I want to be able to have multiple mobile phones on the same account/number.

Like how you could have multiple land-line phones.

Then I can have an iPhone along with my Android without the separate number.

Me when I hear someone's landline phone ring over the zoom.

It's rare that it happens, but there's another Jina at my company.

Day 2 and already had some misfired comms. I'm sure Other Jina is getting them, too.


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