A 'non-work' day today as I'm here with Ethan and it's the school holidays. He's watching The Last Jedi (again) so I've spent a couple of minutes trying investigating ways to show 'case studies' on my (forever needing a redesign) site.

Kinda like how writing-mode, and text-orientation is here, not sure if those 'screenshots' need a browser or something to be less of a 'hodge-podge' of images though.

Forever a work in progress -- at some point I might have somethign to actully push live.

@sturobson I like the minor browser frame that Dan makes. (

But, I also like that you've got screenshots without browser frames...

I hope that indecision​ helps your design process.

@hankchizljaw I added a simple white border around each screenshot and it looked 100 times better. Still playing - but I think grid certainly gives us the ability to show ‘stuff’ in different ways like this.

@sturobson Oh heck yeh. Grid made laying out this intro thing's text out a breeze and actually made me explore layout more, rather than doing something standard.

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