Why are they called drones and not "floater cameras" like in the 1984 movie Runaway?


scene: the living room, Alexa on a sideboard sleeping

Alexa wakes up. Startled.

“Dave??? Is that Dave?” she thinks she can hear.

“What are they doing outside? I best pay attention in case they’re trapped in a puddle.”

I added two new feeds to my RSS list today ... both times I had to search through the page source because there was no visible link.

Please show your site has an RSS feed.


Ethan got off to the first day back at school without any slip-ups. I’ve got a slow cooker going with bolognese for later. Pickles has been walked. Now, time to walk upstairs to work for the day.

Impromptu day-before-my-40th-birthday bbq.

Steak, chicken, sausages, salmon, burgers, kebabs.

Time to clean the ol’ Weber.

@ben ludicrous, I spent most of yesterday thinking today is Sunday.

Bank Holiday Monday - lazily filing and responding to issues in my clients design systems component library repo.

@si hope they feel better soon. Enjoy Dorset. Which bits? :))

Took Pickles for a walk along the beach at Hengistbury Head (near Bournemouth) this morning.

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